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3 Meter (10ft) 18AWG Power Cable DMXking DIN Wall mount
Standard PC power cable, 3 meter/10 feet. DIN Rail Clips/adapter for LeDMX4 and eDMX4-DIN Wall mount elements to attach the DIN products (LeDMX4 and eDMX4-DIN) directly to a wall. Includes two items, one for each side.
XLR 3pin Male to 5pin Female XLR 3pin Female to 5pin Male
Adapter between 3pin male and 5pin female (bi-directional) Adapter between 3pin female and 5pin male (bi-directional) 120 ohm terminator for DMX
XLR 3pin Male to 3pin Male Gender Changer XLR 3pin Female to 3pin Female Gender Changer
120 ohm terminator for DMX Gender changer/adapter between 3pin male and 3pin male (bi-directional) Gender changer/adapter between 3pin female and 3pin female (bi-directional)
USB Power supply 3 Meter (10ft) 3-pin DMX cable 3 Meter (10ft) 5-pin DMX cable
USB Power supply
Price: $10.00
Ideal for powering the eDMX1 when other USB power sources are not readily available. Place your eDMX1 up to 70m / 210feet away (network cable) and power locally using this adapter. USB-A type socket 550mA maximum current. Professional-grade cable, 10 feet (3 meters), 3-pin with nominal impedance of 110-120 ohms. Professional-grade cable, 10 feet (3 meters), 5-pin with nominal impedance of 110-120 ohms.
PoE Adapter 10/100/1000 12V Power Over Ethernet injector 802.3af
Active PoE adapter 802.3af/at for 10/100/1000 Mb networks. Perfect to power eDMX4-DIN and other low-power devices. Use this PoE injector with our eDMX1 PoE, eDMX2 and eDMX4 products. Connect the network connection to IN (i.e. from your router/switch or computer) and connect OUT to the eDMX unit up to 70m / 210feet away! Best of all the network connectors latch in so there's no chance of the power supply becoming disconnected by accidental cable pulls.

(Note: It includes a standard US power cable)
Rack mount your eDMX4 TX/RDM/PRO products. Mix and match different products in the same 1U enclosure. Also compatible with the earlier long eDMX4 variant. Is not compatible with eDMX1 or the new eDMX2-PRO.